Extra virgin olive oil spray is also an ideal release agent for frying pans, pots and grills, as it saves a large amount of oil spray.

For every second of use, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray only uses 1.5g, which is equivalent to approximately 13.5 calories, making it an essential product in our Mediterranean diet, and ideal for diabetics and coeliacs, slimming, keeping in shape and for sportsmen and women.

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A touch of distinction

You will bring all the flavour and benefits of extra virgin olive oil with a delicious touch to any of the more than 20 flavours. Sugar and gluten free, and thanks to its diffuser system, you will easily use only the amount you need.

Product features

It is made from 100% premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Our aerosol diffusion system helps you save up to 60% of oil. Sugar, gluten and lactose free. Only 13.5 calories per 1.5g serving, the equivalent of 1 second of use. Ideal for diabetics, coeliacs, slimming, keeping in shape and for sportsmen and women. Each jar contains 150 portions.

Health benefits

Helps the circulatory system, contributes to the well-being of the digestive system, strengthens the immune system and improves blood pressure.

Helps control cholesterol, calcium absorption and mineralisation. Tones and protects the skin. Helps metabolic functions.


Our incredible salt taste.

Ideal for low-salt diets, it combines with any food.

Ideal for keeping in shape and for sportsmen and women.
13.5 calories per 1.5g serving.
More than 20 flavours.

For sportspeople.

Recommended for: Pastries, popcorn, sandwiches, toast.

Seasoning for sports meals

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